Labour Party’s Keir Starmer is the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Labour Party’s Keir Starmer is the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom


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61 year old Keir Starmer is set to be the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom after inflicting a crushing defeat on Rishi Sunak ‘s Conservative Party. Labour party has won 410 seats with 33.9% vote share from results from 641 constituencies so far.

This results puts an end to the 14 year rule of Conservatives .The Conservatives have lost the seats of all four of Rishi Sunak’s predecessors as Prime Minister.

Liz Truss loses South West Norfolk seat to Labour Party which was a Conservatives bastion. Boring Johnson lost Uxbridge seat also to the Labour Party. David Cameron ‘s former constituency Witney and Theresa May’s former constituency Maidenhead is taken by Liberal Democrats. Also more than 250 parliamentarians of Conservative Party have been ousted as of latest result updates

British stocks and bond prices also shot up as the elections results were announced.

The labour Party has promised to reduce net migration. They have said sustained economic growth will be first priority. Labour Party has also said they will cut waiting time in the National Health Service by adding 40,000 more appointments every week .

Angela Rayner , Yvette Cooper, David Lammy , Rachel Reeves , Jonathan Reynolds and Ed Miliband are set to be probable senior Cabinet Ministers.

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