Keen to join civil services, but don’t have money ? Santosh Lad is there for you in Karnataka

Keen to join civil services, but don’t have money ? Santosh Lad is there for you in Karnataka


Milind Dharmasena

Bengaluru: Coaching classes to prepare candidates for the civil services exams are plenty, some offer free services while others charge exorbitant fees. Majority of them are run by professionals in coaching and those who have retired from the civil services.

Karnataka also boasts of several reputed coaching centers which prepare candidates for the UPSC exams. While many politicians would prefer to run educational institutions or professional colleges which are money making prospects, a former Congress Minister stands apart in this.

Former Minister Santosh S Lad has started coaching centre where free classes to prepare for the civil services are being run.

Started under the aegis of Santosh Lad Foundation, Lad told The New Delhi Chronicle that 500 students will be coached of which 250 seats have been reserved for girls. Once in every three months a fresh batch will be admitted. “Selection of students will be keeness to learn. The facility is available to those who are doing their degree and also who have passed out,” he added.

Lad’s philanthropy work extends to providing free food through his own canteens for 10 lakh beneficiaries
The canteens named after him as Santosh Lad canteens were initially meant for the labour class, who had returned from their home towns after the lockdown restrictions were lifted in July this year. Gradually, the number of beneficiaries eating at his eight canteens reached the 10 lakh figure, which Lad had desired and dreamt when he launched the project.

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