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After a whole year of Covid related news and lockdowns the impending third wave is creating anxiety within us as there is lots of uncertainty about how this wave will play out. Vaccinations are underway, bringing awareness in all platforms to follow social norms and the dos and don’ts to reach every corner of the society to curb the spread.
While the first wave took us by surprise with lots of confusion, panic, anxiety, the Year 2020 went through lots of uncertainties of life. Closure of schools and Work- from- home has become the new norm. Businesses shut for months, and loss of jobs and money, loosing dear ones due to COVID have caused deep distress to many.
We are yet to recover from the pandemic backlashes, and the speculations are ripe on the third wave to hit soon. It’s better to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally for the impending wave to pass through with some preparedness and grit.
Well, we are aware knowing that our actions can help prevent the spread of Covid by following the protocols given by health experts. Wearing your mask every time you step out and to make sure the mask is well disposed or the reusable masks are clean. Hand wash and sanitising frequently ensures hygiene. The most important is to avoid stepping out unnecessarily. Self-care is important at the best of times, but the added stress of COVID-19 means that it’s even more crucial to take proper care of one’s body and mind. To get enough sleep, eat healthy, and do some exercise and yoga to keep our mind and body in sync with peace and happiness.

Talking about the social distance, the cut off with people is only physical and not emotional isolation. So what can one do to stay connected during the pandemic?
A positive way is to having virtual conversations with cameras on.
Work- from- home might be boring looking into ourselves on Zoom, with pyjamas or home suits, but taking part in an online pub quiz or virtual parties will keep the momentum going.
Updating your work place (home space) once in a while could bring some freshness in your mood. Fixed work time and to leave the place when done creates a feel of leaving your office.
Get up from your seat every hour and stretch yourself, walk few steps in your room or the stairs, a quick bite, look around between meetings.
Knowing the pandemic will not leave sooner, setting up realistic goals and structured approach will help you motivated to accomplish your tasks.
Signing up for a grocery store/medical needs to buy your essentials would avoid stepping out of home. As we have witnessed the two waves, panic buying is left out, instead can choose the essentials to stock up.
Spending a lot of time at home, you can enroll into various online classes which falls in your interests, pursue your passion and hobbies which keeps you active and relieves from boredom.
Meditation helps you overcome anxiety disorders and if you are a beginner you can start with guided meditation through apps. Taking few deep breathes and and complimenting with few positive self talks will boost your self esteem. Tell yourself often, “This too shall pass and brighter days are ahead..”This brings a sense of positivity in you.
Remember, if you are one of those feeling stressed or suffering with anxiety disorders due to Covid 19, get in touch with your real feelings. What is happening inside you, are you feeling sad or restless? Do you need to be heard? Talk to a Counsellor. Mind health is like any other illness, which cannot be ignored. Talk to a therapist when you feel the need.
If there is any long term illness, anxiety or acute stress can trigger and have a negative impact on your illness. Such times, look into the ways to reduce your stress. Pay attention to your feelings, your health, your mental well being. Talk it out with the right people to destress yourself.
We have surpassed the two waves and the third wave will pass too. Being mindful with our actions and responsibilities will keep the pandemic at bay.

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